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DirectOut has without a doubt captured the essence of what the audio and broadcast community requires  at large when it comes to handy I/O tools. Right here at IBC DirectOut launched exciting new products such as the Andiamo.AES and the Andiamo.AES SRC. Click on the link to watch the video of the new products. Both products are extensions to the already highly successful Andiamo product line and offer 32 AES pairs I/O from and to MADI conversion. The SRC version of the product offers 16 SRC's on 32 of the AES input pairs. Both products offer redundant MADI ports and dual power supplies. This is without a doubt great news for many broadcasters who want to extend their AES I/O. Two further additions to the Andiamo family are the Andiamo2.AD and Andiamo2.DA. Both units offer unidirectional MADI/Analog conversion and are the right tool for those of you who only need to convert in one direction. All of the four new products offer remote control via the web interface matrix and provide the legendary DOT audio quality Australian and New Zealand customers have come to expect and enjoy.

Also keen to push the envelop further were our friends from LAWO, launching significant improvements to the V_Line products range. The V__PRO8 has received a 'facelift' (pic right) with a new optional front panel, which provides users with an additional USB port to save and load configs, headphone output, a Return/Cancel Button, OLED display, Rotary control for selection and setup and a Quick selection button for manual delegation and video monitoring. This is of course in addition to the already available 2 x MADI ports, default IP button and the normal status leads. Great news was also the introduction of the new V__Link4, which is a video and audio contribution one-box-solution for all requirements of video contribution.  LAWO also launched new mc2 software features with its latest firmware release and cool new features are also available within the radio software side. Check out all LAWO News videos straight from IBC by clicking on this link.
Bel Digital showed of course the latest monitors and even provided the PAT team with a run-through of the latest range of products including the BM-AV1-16SHD, BM-AV2-16SHD, BM-A1-16SHD and BM-A2-16SHD. Follow this link to see the video.
LSB Broadcast was proudly showing off the new VSM panels, which will be available soon and feature a great new front panel design (pic left). Also great news was to find out the latest VSM software release is planned for the end of October. The new version will have various improvements in it, which also include but are not limited to the integration of new protocols. Stay tuned for more news. 
ENCO showed the latest software integration and DAD was found on various console manufacturers booths, including of course LAWO. In depth integration with all LAWO radio on-air consoles has been achieved since we first showed it at SMPTE a few short months ago. If you have any questions about ENCO and LAWO integration, contact our Engineering department on 02-9476 1272. All in all, IBC has once again delivered the release of great new products from our manufacturers, offered the chance to get a feel for what is coming next on the development horizon and of course catch-up with all of you who made the trip.
Let's do it all again next year. Should you have any questions of any products mentioned in this article, please contact us on 02-9476 1272 or email our friendly staff at sales(at) We are looking forward to talking to you.