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> LAWO R3LAY VRX - Bundle

What does it do? Everything a traditional radio console can do, and more. R3LAY is a fully-featured portable studio, complete with analog and digital I/O and 4- or 8-fader Virtual Mixer. Just tuck your touchscreen laptop loaded with R3LAY software into the heavy-duty R3LAY backpack along with your OnAir 4 audio interface, grab your favorite mic and headset, and you’re ready to make great radio from just about anywhere. R3LAY is perfectly suited to:

  • Breaking News Coverage
  • Sporting Events
  • Sponsored Remote Broadcasts
  • Air Talent Home Studios
  • Livestream Origination
  • Podcast Production
  • Disaster Recovery or Emergency Broadcasts
  • "Pop-up” remote broadcasts from wherever your listeners are

Using a variety of plug-in apps from R3LAY partners, R3LAY virtual mixers can actually take care of broadcast chores that a traditional console would require extra rack-mount hardware to perform. And of course, R3LAY connects with standard Audio-over-IP hardware that supports the RAVENNA / AES67 networking standard. In fact, some clients have told us that R3LAY is so powerful, they’ll use it for in-station as well as on-the-go applications. R3LAY “Radio In A Bag” includes 4- or 8-Fader Virtual Mixer software, OnAir4 audio I/O interface and heavy-duty travel backpack; Windows® 10 laptop (user-supplied) is required.

How will you use R3LAY? The possibilities may just be endless.

Key Features

  • Virtual Radio Mixer runs on a standard PC
  • Light and portable – goes anywhere
  • A__OnAir4 stereo interface with mic, line & digital I/O
  • GPIO via open-source Ember+ control protocol
  • AES67 / RAVENNA compliant
  • 4-fader & 8-fader versions
  • Supports native PC audio (ASIO, WASAPI, WDM, MME)
  • Mix-minus (clean feed) with Talkback
  • On-screen control of user shortcuts and mixer snapshots control protocol
  • Plug-in software apps – processing, playout, codec, phones and more