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> LAWO RELAY Virtual Radio Mixer

RELAY, from Lawo, is bringing something new to broadcasting: the Virtual Radio Mixer.

RELAY is a powerful mixing console that runs in a virtualized PC environment. No racks of gear to devour space and money - RELAY Virtual Radio Mixers run on a standard PC or laptop. The intuitive, multitouch-enabled screen interface makes RELAY easy to use.


RELAY is a fully-featured portable studio, complete with analog and digital I/O and 4- or 8-fader Virtual Mixer. Just tuck your touchscreen laptop loaded with RELAY software into the heavy-duty RELAY backpack along with your OnAir4 audio interface, grab your favorite mic and headset, and you’re ready to make great radio from just about anywhere.

RELAY is perfectly suited to:

  • Breaking News Coverage
  • Sporting Events
  • Sponsored Remote Broadcasts
  • Air Talent Home Studios Livestream Origination
  • Podcast Production
  • Disaster Recovery or Emergency Broadcasts
  • “Pop-up” remote broadcasts from wherever your listeners are

RELAY “Radio In A Bag” bundles include your choice of VRX4 4-fader or VRX8 8-fader Virtual Mixer software, an OnAir4 audio I/O interface and a heavy-duty backpack; you supply your favorite laptop (touchscreen suggested) with Windows® 7, 8 or later.

RELAY is perfect for grab-and-go remotes. Why send a voice feed back to the studio, when you can take the studio with you? RELAY is a complete Virtual Radio Mixer, with all the tools you need, from voice processing to mix-minus right there with you.


RELAY doesn’t stop with setting talent free — with RELAY, producers can go on the road too.

Because RELAY takes advantage of today’s insanely powerful modern PC platforms to mix broadcast audio, there’s plenty of processing power left over. Using a variety of plug-in apps from RELAY partners, RELAY virtual mixers can actually take care of broadcast chores that a traditional console would require extra rack-mount hardware to perform.

RELAY is middleware, which means it can simultaneously handle connections to audio hardware and software, as well as a variety of VST plugin apps. It sees any and all audio devices present in the system – software or hardware – and lets you instantly load them to faders for use on-the-air.

Native apps available for RELAY include the following tools:

  • Voice Processing
  • Final Audio Processing
  • Stereo Declipping
  • Profanity Delay
  • Automation/Playout
  • Bidirectional Codecs
  • Multi-line Broadcast Phones
  • Web Streaming/Encoding
  • Virtual Sound Card
  • Virtual Patch Bay

To handle audio from physical sources, the Lawo OnAir4 audio interface that’s a part of RELAY virtual radio mixer bundles is chock full of I/O – mic, analog line, AES3 and GPIO. 

And of course, RELAY connects with standard Audio-over-IP hardware that supports the AES67 / RAVENNA networking standard. In fact, some clients have told us that RELAY is so powerful, they’ll use it for in-station as well as on-the-go applications.

How will you use RELAY? The possibilities may just be endless.