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Cameras > Ross Video Acid Camera

Acid offers best-in-class resolution, sensitivity and signal to noise ratio, plus unique UltrachromeHR outputs for chroma key applications.

While there are many camera choices available today, none address the fundamental quality problems that arise when combining live action capture within virtual environments. Standard HD video has bandwidth limited chroma content. When processing chroma keys for virtual environments, band limited chroma contains insufficient information to create a true high-resolution key signal from original content. As a result, chroma key edge quality is always band limited, as you simply cannot create edges with half the information ideally required.

The solution from Ross consists of a proprietary full bandwidth color signal that is output from Ross ACID UCHR cameras. ACID Cameras provide standard SMPTE 4:2:2 video outputs as well as adding a new, unique output called UltraChromeHR This output signal contains full bandwidth color information in a patent pending 0:4:4 coding format from the camera image sensors. This signal contains full bandwidth color information. The standard 4:2:2 and UltraChromeHR outputs are received by the Carbonite UltraChromeHR chroma keying system and internally combined to create beautiful keys from the resultant 4:4:4 signals, an so offer unprecedented performance when used as Chroma Key sources for virtual productions.

However, even if you don’t use chroma keys, Ross ACID cameras produce spectacular video images in normal studio production. The ACID Cameras are full featured cameras that capture the very highest quality images. They can be equipped with viewfinders, output adaptors, and all the accessories necessary for full studio usage; and of course fit incredibly well with Ross robotic systems.

The ACID H200 is a full HD 1080P, 3 imager camera that utilizes the very latest 2/3” UAIT CMOS sensors that provide unrivaled performance of the very highest quality. Sensitivity, Signal to Noise and overall picture resolution are unmatched by any competitor with its three 2.6 Mega Pixel image sensors and standard 2/3” B4 lens mount. This camera is the perfect fit with Ross Robotics Furio and CamBot systems.

For moderate budgets and less critical applications, there is the ACID Z50. This is an excellent three CCD sensor 1080i/720P HD camera. This camera is also equipped with the UltraChromeHR output to provide a cost effective solution for awesome keying when combined with the Ross UltrachromeHR chroma keyer. Its lightweight yet rugged construction also makes it the perfect companion for the Ross Robotic Furio Pan/Tilt heads for legislative bodies, House of Worship, educational, and corporate communication systems.

ACID cameras include fully integrated DashBoard controls for set up and paint. These controls are DashBoard native and can be combined with other DashBoard connected products to create unique control interfaces tailored to various applications.


Fully progressive top of the line performer.

  • 3 - 2/3” x 2.6 Megapixel UAIT MOS sensors
  • 1100 TV Line Resolution
  • Ultra Low Noise – Better than 64dB (with DNR and -6dB Gain)
  • Ultra Sensitive – F13, 1080P/50. F12, 1080P/59.94 (@ 2000Lux)
  • Ultra Gain Range -6 to +36dB
  • Noise Reduction
  • 12 Vector Color Corection
  • Real Time Lens Chromatic Aberation Corection
  • Skin Masking and Detail adjustment
  • UltrachromeHR 0:4:4 full resolution chroma output
  • Standard SMPTE 292/424 (1.5/3Gb) 4:2:2 video output
  • Formats: 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 50 or 59.94


1080i performer.

  • 3 – 2/3” x1.1 Megapixel CCD sensors
  • 800 TV Line Resolution
  • 60dB Signal to Noise
  • Sensitivity: F11, 1080i/50. F10, 1080i/59.94 (@ 2000Lux)
  • -3 to +36dB Gain Range
  • Noise Reduction
  • 12 Vector Color Corection
  • UltrachromeHR 0:4:4 full resolution chroma output
  • Standard SMPTE 292 (1.5Gb) 4:2:2 video output