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Control & Monitoring Systems > Ross Video - NK - Control Panels

Ross Video’s NK Series Routing Systems are a comprehensive family of routing solutions. NK Series offers a wide variety of matrix sizes and types, flexible control panels and a powerful control system to tie everything together. Whether it’s a small utility router or a large mission critical facility system, NK Series offers a solution to fit your budget and needs.

NK Series Routers are available in sizes ranging from 16x4 to 144x144. Any matrix type can be built into a system with any combination of other NK matrices - all united under one control system.

Initially created by well-known Australian design engineer, Joe Talia (and team), NK Series Routers have a long history and heritage. The team continues inspired work on this router line at our subsidiary, Ross Video Pty’s facilities in Melbourne, Australia.

NK Routers represent great value, are backed by a 5-year warranty, and include world-renowned Ross Video technical support.

The NK Series offers 3 highly flexible, yet simple and intuitive control panels that can be configured to operate as an X-Y, cut-bus or multi-cutbus panel. Every control panel in the system can be independently configured to meet the needs of the particular operator position at which it is deployed.

Click on the links below to see features and technical details for the various control panels available:

RCP-NK1 Local or Remote Control Panel
RCP-NKM Remote Control Panel
RCP-NKQ Remote Control Panel


Utility Routing
Utility routers include the 16x4, 16x16, 32x32 and 34x34 sizes and are available in a wide range of signal types including 3G / HD / SD SDI, Analog Video, AES / EBU Digital Audio, Stereo Analog Audio and Machine Control (RS-422). The compact design, and compelling price points make these routers a great solution for a wide variety of applications from standalone single crosspoint to larger multi-crosspoint systems.


Mis-Size Routing
Mid-sized routers, 64x64 and 72x72 are modular and expandable in groups of 8 inputs and 8 outputs. They include 3G / HD / SD SDI, AES / EBU Digital Audio and Stereo Analog Audio signal types. These routers fill a unique niche in a demanding, yet price sensitive, segment of the market. The modular design lends itself to future growth and serviceability.

Facility Routing
The large NK-3G144-X is a scalable router designed to function in mission critical, high availability environments. The NK-3G144-X uses a common set of I/O boards and can be expanded in groups of 8 inputs and outputs to 144x144. This system is fully 3G compliant and will pass 3G / HD / SD signals in addition to ASI and SDI. A key feature of this matrices is superior redundancy. It has been architected to be equipped with fully redundant power supplies, dual redundant crosspoints and dual redundant control cards.

DashBoard NK Control and Monitoring - Monitor, Contro, Configure and Protect

DashBoard offers flexible control, configuration and monitoring over the entire NK router line and its control components. Using the NK-IPS Network Bridge, multiple DashBoard clients can run simultaneously to configure and monitor the NK router line, including signal status on each I/O port across multiple routers.

DashBoard provides intuitive control panel configuration, including crosspoint and function assignment for each button, macro programming, and menu structure building across the entire range of NK control panels. Configuration extends to all NK control devices including GPI/O modules, 3rd party protocol translators and the NK-VRC Virtual Routing Core.

Virtual control panels and the virtual switchboard are an engineer’s dream, offering access to every crosspoint with the click of a mouse, or the press of a finger on a touch screen. Monitor, Control, Configure and Protect your NK routing system with DashBoard.

Virtual Control Panels

  • Builtin templates for quick and easy router operation, from the click of a mouse, or touch of a touchscreen
  • Access to every source, destination and level
  • Perfect for a master engineering panel, or single cut-bus operator panel

Intuitive Control and Monitoring

  • Program remote control panel crosspoints and functions
  • Configure router levels and break-away options
  • Monitor crosspoints with the Virtual Switch Board

For further information about the Ross Video NK - Video Routers or any other Ross product, please feel free to call the PAT team on 02-9476 1272.