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Robotic Camera Systems > Ross Furio S2 Robotics Lift

Ross Video is pleased to announce the launch of the new Furio S2 lift!

This new, more cost-effective lift follows on from the launch of the flagship Furio SE  and will allow a greater number of content creators to benefit from the dynamic images and smooth camera moves that robotics enables.

The new Furio S2 lift is based on the same core design as the 2-stage lift used in the CamBot 600XY-S2. Featuring a linear rail design for superior linearity, repeatability and reliability, the 2-stage S2 lift provides 50 cm / 20” of extension range, on a par with the original Furio legacy lift.

Compatible with both the VR100 and VR600 heads, it can be paired with either the SE dolly or the BlackBird base to provide a much more affordable alternative for installations where the extra height or range of the SE lift is not required.

As with all Furio Studio products, it supports virtual tracking, and is therefore perfect for Virtual Sets or Augmented Reality. The Furio S2 lift is also available as a lower cost option in the Furio Live product line, where it supports the fast and responsive FXhead, and is controlled by the remote panbar or joystick control systems.