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Terminal Equipment > Ross OGX openGear Frame

OGX – the new openGear frame from Ross has been designed to meet the needs of UHD and IP with more chassis power and better cooling, and it sports a gorgeous new user-programmable frame glow.

This new frame glow is not just cool looking, it’s also highly functional. Frame glow can be used to help OGX stand out in a rack room full of frames; users can program the glow or set a unique colour to indicate different alarms, such as loss of signal. openGear® is the industry standard platform of choice for modular signal processing. As the world’s first modular infrastructure platform open to other manufacturers, openGear provides solutions derived from hundreds of individual cards from dozens of companies. This cooperative effort gives users best of breed product and budget options, all while ensuring common control and monitoring within the DashBoard ecosystem.

OGX offers the flexibility of independent rear modules for connectivity to a wide array of interfaces such as BNC, twisted-pair audio, and fiber, supporting analog to UHD and IP. The independent rear modules are available in different I/O configurations for select cards, including high density split rear modules allowing up to 20 independent openGear® cards in the OGX frame. Each frame also includes dual reference inputs..

OGX has over 30% more power than the existing OG3 frame that it replaces, offering a total system power of 600W. It also features a new higher power mode, allowing 23W per slot versus the 15W provided by the OG3. This allows the frame to be fully populated with higher power IP or 12G-SDI cards. Industrial design and usability has also been improved: OGX features a new, mechanically-improved door and enhanced air flow, as well as the fully customizable frame glow that reflects chassis status via programmable RGB LEDs.


  • The Emmy®-award winning openGear platform, designed by Ross has been adopted by dozens of manufacturers offering hundreds of signal processing solutions. This provides you with the freedom to choose best in breed solutions to meet your needs and budget.


  • DashBoard provides one unified control system across openGear products from all manufacturers. This allows for easy setup, monitoring, alarms and management. With the included CustomPanel Panel Builder, it is easy to create custom workflows across multiple products to suit your exact needs.


  • oGx is the 4th generation openGear modular infrastructure platform built for 24/7 operation. Featuring redundant power and cooling, service is a snap with zero downtime. Front-loading modules and passive backplane ensure ease of maintenance and maximum reliability.


  • Ross offers a wide range of modular infrastructure solutions, including distribution, conversion, branding, fiber, timing and more. The openGear platform is flexible to support a multitude of signal types and formats from analog to UHD to IP.


  • The oGx platform has been designed to meet the demands of today’s complex IP and hybrid infrastructures. With lots of power and cooling, and careful consideration to shielding, the most complex processing can be achieved, supporting evolving IP and UHD applications.