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Portable Laptop Solution
When mobility and graphics performance are key, XPression GO! is the answer. The industry’s most powerful real-time graphics laptop solution processes on-the-GO! applications for you with ease. Available in Studio, BlueBox, or Prime varieties, XPression GO! provides a single channel of video/key out, plus embedded audio, using an ASUS Thunderbolt™* laptop and AJA io XT** Thunderbolt™-to-HDSDI interface.
The Studio and BlueBox versions also offer you video input for video squeezes and internal keying. There is no compression used when connecting to your production switchers, so graphics are full-resolution, real-time, and frame-accurate, permitting score clock integration with Datalinq Server for sports production (also available with just the AJA Io XT or as software-only).
For further information please see Ross website.