Wolftech offers three solutions for multiplatform planning and publishing – ‘Wolftech News’, ‘Wolftech Production’ and ‘Wolftech LIVE’.

Wolftech Broadcast Solutions was founded in 2011 in cooperation with TV 2 Norway. TV 2 Norway has been a startup hub for many companies with international success, such as Vizrt, Mosart Media Lab, Vimond, and Electric Friends. Wolftech started out working with live video production tools, however in 2013 they were challenged by TV2 to develop a better planning tool to meet their needs after discovering a significant gap in the market. The first version of Wolftech News went live in 2014, with the primary focus on ease-of-use, collaboration, and accessibility from all devices. After gathering feedback and spending the next couple of years refining the tool, Wolftech went live with their first customer – VRT in Belgium – who are still a customer today.

Wolftech’s approach is to help customers facilitate a smooth transition to a new workflows that integrate with their existing legacy systems. Wolftech’s promise is a full commitment to supporting their customers, allowing them to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing media technology landscape. Wolftech strongly believe in building real, long-lasting partnerships with their clients and look forward to understanding your workflows and needs.

Wolftech News

Wolftech News is a story-centric workflow management system that stimulates creativity and collaboration. Work efficiently, reduce costs, manage stories and guide an idea from initial fact-finding through to delivering content to multi-platform publishing.

Save time
Wolftech want you to spend more time on story creation, research and getting things published rather than administration and redundant communication. Wolftech News makes you work faster.

An end-to-end solution
Use Wolftech Live as a rundown or your existing rundown solution to create efficiencies and seamless workflows between the planning system in the cloud and rundown on-premise.

Ensure total control of your team and efficient use of all resources by making connections between stories, equipment and personnel to give you the whole picture.

Security & cloud-first
The Wolftech system could run as a pure SaaS solution or as a single tenant solution in your own cloud infrastructure. This means we simply deliver software and updates, providing you – the client – with full control.

All-in-one solution
Traditional news work utilizes many tools, for fairly basic tasks. News lets you focus on story creation with one common collaboration tool, allowing journalists to operate with fewer tools. Plan, book resources and search feeds, all in one place.

Always up-to-date
News is in the cloud and will become increasingly enhanced as new features become available without the need for costly upgrades. As a web-based tool, all you need is a modern web browser to take advantage.

Wolftech Production

Wolftech Production is a web-based planning tool that simplifies long-form productions with the handling of all resources, costs and publishing plans. Perfect for all kinds of media organizations and production houses.

Integrated system
With Wolftech’s integration platform they ensure that all data is consistent from the production planning to your Media Asset Management system, Video library, finance and HR systems.

Analyze your data
With a complete production planning system it is very easy to analyze all data needed based on your role in the organization. This will become even easier with our new AI driven analytics platform that is coming very soon.

All-in-one tool
Wolftech know the difference from News planning and Long Form production planning. Production gives you the unique ability to combine short-form and Long Form planning seamlessly in the one tool as opposed to standalone tools.

Task Compliance
The consequences and costly implications of tasks or projects running beyond deadline can have severe flow-on effects. Maintain clear visibility of the project overview and communication with production.

As Production sits as an extra module within News, consistency is maintained with usability and the advantage of everything that makes News so great. Benefit from collaborating with other teams working on the same project and exploit the convenience of the Wolftech app to contribute whilst on the go.

Gift your organization with a real collaboration tool and move away from working in Silos with different tools that are not connected. Move forward an enhanced overview and ensure that both time and costs on your projects are met.

Wolftech LIVE

Wolftech LIVE is our web based newsroom control system that allows you to build and broadcast news, sports, or entertainment shows. This module is integrated into the Wolftech ecosystem, MOS compatible, and designed to deliver a seamless transition from planning to production

Starting fast
You’ll never have to wait to get to the rundown you work on the most. Your last used rundown will immediately be waiting for you the next time you log into the system. The program even ensures that you’re looking at the template for that day’s date – without you having to lift a finger.

Intuitive design
Transitioning to LIVE is easy, with a composition that borrows elements from the Wolftech suite of applications. As journalists work with WTNews and/or WTProduction, they will find the layout and processes of our newsroom module align to user friendly work practices they’ve already grown comfortable with.

Publish directly from WTNews
Using a Publishing Point from one of the most respected planning tools in the market, users can send a ready to air story directly into the rundown of their choice. Writing in WTNews is a breeze – with imported story templates that provide the format and metadata fields you need in LIVE.

One-click away
LIVE can create a rundown from a template with a single keystroke or mouse-click. And we don’t use a blanket autocreate feature to generate rundowns that you may never use. It’s one of the many features built into the system to allow you to spend more time crafting your show and less time putting basic pieces in place.

Customized color coding system
Need to make certain stories or segments stand out in a busy rundown? LIVE lets you color code any story row of your choosing, using our custom color pallet. Whether in the template or on a particular day, you can create a system to let content be easily be highlighted and managed.

Personalize your world
Just like the other products in the Wolftech software suite, we give journalists the ability to customize the system (in a variety of ways) to view what they need to see, where they need to see it. Whether done on an organizational or individual level, you have the ability to make the system right for you.