Sky Racing getting SMART with LAWO’s ST2110 technology

Professional Audio & Television today announced that Sky Racing have entrusted their ST2110 media network monitoring to LAWO’s SMART (System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry) system. The system, which is supplied by LAWO’s exclusive distributor PAT, will be rolled out in the coming months to provide Sky Racing’s engineering team with this cutting-edge IP network monitoring tool specifically designed to bridge the gap between IT and Video engineering. In addition to SMART, Sky Racing have also contracted PAT to supply LAWO V_matrix equipment – LAWO’s video processing platform for encap, decap, streaming and distributed Multiviews, LAWO ruby audio consoles and processing engines, V__pro8s and a significant expansion to their nation-wide VSM IP control system.

LAWO’s System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry Dashboard (aka smartDASH) is a vendor-agnostic enterprise software suite designed to provide full network and media visibility across an all IP, all SDI or hybrid WAN/LAN broadcast infrastructure. Strategically positioned to bridge the gap between IT and Video engineering, smartDASH straddles both sides of the operation to provide a comprehensive view of what the network is doing and how the media streams flowing across the network are behaving. Based on a UNIX OS, this software defined networking solution incorporates a powerful and robust database to document and rapidly search any aspect of the operation, from a simple cable ID number to seeking the journey of a multicast across a transnational multi-hop WAN. Additionally, by leveraging a vast library of hardware communication protocols, the system automatically interrogates live and dormant path connections to create the most intuitive and data rich presentation layers of a COTS-hybrid infrastructure. With its award-winning deep packet inspection microservices, the SMART solution also supports monitoring and decoding a wide range of media formats, from low bitrate OTT/ABR streams, to uncompressed ST2110 studio production flows. Additionally, it can characterise the packet pacing off the delivery network. This unique approach brings a deeper dimension of operational visibility by unifying network telemetry and mixed media flow into a single glass view. smartDASH users have a zero-footprint installation and can be deployed on-premise, private or public cloud with HTTP accessibility from a browser or mobile device. This vendor-agnostic state-of-the-art software solution is an essential component to the conscious operation of any IP-based broadcast installation.

Tabcorp’s Senior Manager Technology (Media Division) – Dennis Dovale commented “SMART made perfect sense for our ST2110 Media network roll-out to provide our engineering department with the monitoring and telemetry tool kit to easily identify and locate specific issues in the network. As this is the first install of SMART in Australia, Tabcorp are early adopters of this technology, but this is nothing new to us as we continuously look at improving our business of which the Media Network is a crucial part.”

Sky Racing will be rolling LAWO’s System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry software out for their newly built Brisbane Ann Street facility network before expanding it into Frenchs Forest, Belrose and Melbourne as the network expands over the next 12 to 18 months.

LAWO’s Senior Director of Product Management Tony Zare was delighted with Sky Racing’s announcement “We know that SMART will play an integral part in ST2110 broadcast facilities in Australia and the rest of the world. Still, I would like to personally thank Sky Racing for their trust in our technology and we are looking forward to a close cooperation with the Sky engineering team to make their new facility a shining reference site for ST2110 installations around the world.”

In addition to LAWO’s SMART monitoring and telemetry system, Sky Racing are also relying on LAWO’s IP processing platform V__matrix for encap, decap, multiviews and of course streaming between facilities. LAWO’s already deployed VSM IP control system will significantly grow to take charge of Sky’s new IP media network. Part of the technology migration to a fully ST2110 compliant AES67 audio network are LAWO’s ruby consoles for the production studios with various 16 and 32 fader consoles replacing aging, end of life equipment.

Mr Dovale continues “Our audio network is migrating from DANTE to RAVENNA and the ruby consoles provide us with the perfect audio processing engine that can connect to our aging DANTE infrastructure, while also being the bridging device that connects to our hitless merge RAVENNA AES67 network. The fact that the ruby engine is fully compliant with SMPTE2110-30, while also offering a gateway to our DANTE network and controlled via VSM through EMBER+, made this the perfect audio engine to see us into the future.”

Both Tony Zare and Dennis Dovale will be speakers at this year’s IP Seminar 2.0 held by LAWO, ARISTA and PAT on the 19th of July in Sydney and the 23rd of July in Auckland. Mr Dovale will be speaking about Sky Racing’s transition to ST2110, while Mr Zare will be highlighting the operational advantages SMART will bring to any IP broadcast or hybrid environment. To register and reserve one of the last remaining spots for the Seminar please contact or call +61-2-9476 1272.