Sky Racing places winning bet on ARISTA for SMPTE 2110 broadcast and control networks

Tabcorp’s racing broadcaster, Sky Racing awarded the contract to supply its broadcast and control networks to Arista via Professional Audio & Television.

Arista, the trail blazer of broadcast network switch suppliers in Australia for SMPTE 2110 broadcast networks, has been tasked with the responsibility of hosting an entire broadcast and control network for Tabcorp’s Sky Racing in its Sydney Frenchs Forest HQ and their new Disaster Recovery facility, as well as its new state of the art Brisbane facilities.

Long known for their extremely low latency, high bandwidth switch technology, Arista in close cooperation with Professional Audio & Television, remain unchallenged in the SMPTE 2110 broadcast environment in Australia. Having supplied some of the largest broadcasters and OB suppliers in the country, the local team of Arista and PAT engineers will assist Tabcorp’s core technology teams with the rollout of this new technology platform over the coming 12 months.

For its Media Network in Frenchs Forest, Sky Racing chose a redundant switch cluster consisting of two 7508R high-density network switches with four 7500R-36Q line cards and two 7050SX2 switches including all necessary optics. The Media Network Disaster Recovery site consists of another redundant switch cluster of two 7504R high density network switches including two 7500R-Q36 Line cards, as well as two 7050X2-72Q network switches. For the control network, Sky Racing decided on two 7050SX2 and two 7520SX3 spine switches and twelve 7020TR leaf switches. All network switches will be monitored via Arista’s CloudVision® software. Service and Support for this ultra-low latency, fully redundant broadcast and control network will be supplied by Arista’s level 3 24/7 hotline as well as Arista’s and PAT’s local engineering teams.

Tabcorp’s Manager of Core Media Technology – Dennis Dovale outlined the decision to entrust Sky’s media and control network to Arista via Professional Audio & Television.

“Our business depends on fully redundant, ultra-low latency networks. We worked closely with the local Arista and PAT engineers to design and specify the new technology and ran knowledge days with both Arista & PAT on prior learnings and challenges to be aware of. It is imperative that we have the support, expertise and know-how of broadcast IP specialists,” Dennis Dovale said. “Arista and PAT have previously been involved with cutting-edge solutions across our business and as a leader in this dynamically changing broadcast industry worldwide, the decision to go with Arista and PAT made perfect sense.”

Arista’s Vice President of Business Development, Ed Chapman said, “We are honoured to have been chosen as the preferred IP network provider for Tabcorp’s new SMPTE2110 broadcast and control network.” Managing Director of Professional Audio & Television – Patrick Salloch added, “I believe that Sky Racing’s decision to go with Arista for their new broadcast and control networks, confirms Arista as an industry standard when it comes to broadcast IP SMPTE2110 networks in Australia. I am looking forward to working closely with Sky Racing and Arista on this cutting-edge project over the coming months.”

The Sky Racing SMPTE2110 broadcast and control network will be rolled out over the next 12 months as we migrate from a traditional copper facility to the exciting world of IP.